Primal Log – Day Two

Body Composition:

Primal Chap – 224.8lbs, 25.5% body fat

Her Royal Primalness – 145.6lbs, 31.5% body fat


After our ‘light session’ yesterday we are suffering with 24 hour DOMS. No exercise planned today, but the post exercise aches are a promising sign of muscle growth!


  • Breakfast: Low Carb Breakfast Sundae:  left-over primal cookies, high protein/low carb yogurt and blended mixed frozen berries (approx 265 kcals per portion)

Cheesecake for breakfast?

Cheesecake for breakfast?

  • Lunch: Spicy chicken wings and salad:  mixed leaves, cucumber, pepperdews,  sundried tomato and a sprinkling of seeds (approx 300 kcals per portion, with 3 wings)
Hot n Spicy chicken wings plus salad with goodies

Hot 'n Spicy chicken wings plus salad with goodies

Prawn Thai Red Curry served and ready to go

Prawn Thai Red Curry served and ready to go

  • Snack: A variation on the Primal Pancakes recipe: 1 egg, 75g almond flour and a splash of milk. The mix made 5 pancakes/crepes (approx 130 kcals per pancake).  Not quite like the tradition crepes i’m used to on ‘pancake day’, but a good primal substitute.

Another good day diet wise, meals were kept as primal as possible and calories came in at approx 1500 for him and 1200 for her. Gym day again tomorrow, with or without DOMS!



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3 responses to “Primal Log – Day Two

  1. Clarice

    Questions: Does the Cadburys cream egg I just ate fall under the primal category? Can I too lose 2 pounds in 2 days?

    • primalprogress


      1. No – unless it was laid by a Cadburys cream hen.

      2. Yes – it depends how badly you need the toilet 😉

  2. Non-Primal Dad

    1. agree with primalprogress (first time for everything!)
    2. 2 pounds wagered on Chelsea to win anything this year is the easiest way to lose.

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