Primal Log – Day 4

Body Composition:

Primal Chap – 225.2lbs, 25.5% body fat

Her Royal Primalness – ???lbs, ???% body fat


Still aching from yesterday’s gym sesh, but, we managed a bit of exercise: Him – 1 hour of 7-a-side footy, Her – 7 10 mile cycle.


  • Breakfast: Him – 2 fried eggs and fried mushrooms. Her – 2 bacon, 1 egg (approx 250 kcals)
  • Lunch: Him – yesterday’s leftover dinner (boursin burgers) with salad. Her – tin of tuna mixed with a bit of mayo, red pepper and cucumber (approx 250 kcals)
  • Dinner: Him – the fine fresh-air of Wembley. Her – chicken fajita mix, with salad (approx 500 kcals)

Frying Tonight

All of our frying is done in Rice Bran Oil. Most oils traditionally used for frying don’t have a particularly high smoke-point, i.e. they burn! Olive oil is a great, healthy oil – until it burns – when it becomes much less healthy. Sunflower/vegetable oils aren’t good before they burn, let alone when they do. Rice Bran oil has a very high smoke-point, and won’t burn, even when stir-frying at a really high heat. Avocado oil also has a really high smoke-point, but, we find that it makes things ‘taste’, so we prefer Rice Bran oil, which doesn’t. You can find Rice Bran oil nestled in amongst the oils in your local supermarket – we get it from our small local branch of Sainsburys.


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