Primal Log – Day 13

Body Composition:

Primal Chap –223.4lbs, 25.0% body fat

Her Royal Primalness – 142.6lbs, 30.0% body fat


Him: 30 minutes of 11-a-side football (2nd half sub). Her: 2 hours of water-polo, including drills and a match.


  • Breakfast: Him: 1 Pork loin steaks, 2 eggs and mushrooms. Her: 1 Pork loin steak, 1 egg and mushrooms.
  • Lunch: Him: Nothing. Her: Pre-packed sliced chicken breast and a fruit salad.
  • Dinner: Him: King prawn salad with a couple of chicken drumsticks. Her: Baked salmon fillet and salad.
  • Extras: Her: Few nuts and a glass of red wine (it is the weekend!!).

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