Primal Log – Day 14

Body Composition:

Primal Chap –???lbs, ???% body fat

Her Royal Primalness – 141.2lbs, 30.5% body fat


Him: 30 mins go-karting – surprisingly good arm workout: hanging on for dear life! Her: No formal exercise, just a wander to the shops and back.


  • Breakfast: Him: Mixed fruit. Her: 2 bacon and scrambled eggs (approx 300 kcals)
  • Lunch: Him: Wetherspoon’s Lamb cutlets with salad (didn’t eat the chips). Her: Salmon fillet and salad (approx 400 kcals).
  • Dinner: Chicken stew, made with the homemade chicken stock we prepared earlier, 3 chicken thighs, a chicken breast and a selection of veggies (approx 500 kcals per portion)
  • Extras: Homemade sweet potato crisps.

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