Primal Log – Day 17

Body Composition:

Primal Chap –222.2lbs, 24.0% body fat

Her Royal Primalness – 143.4lbs, 29.0% body fat


Gym today. Another set of tabeta sprints on the bike for her. Followed by usual sets of squats, rows, chest press, sit-ups and press-ups. Increasing the weight each time. Primal chap is feeling stronger with each session. HerRoyalPrimalness is struggling to up the weight due to her grip strength being weak..


  • Breakfast: Him: 2 pork loin steaks and 2 eggs with 1 tomato. Her: 100g of Greek yoghurt.Nothing.
  • Lunch: Nothing.
  • Dinner: Him: 5 grilled spare ribs and salad. Her: 12 garlic and herb char-grilled king prawns, with rocket and Parmesan salad (ate out at Tootsies and avoided burger and chips!)
  • Extras: Handful of nuts.

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