Primal Log – Day 21

Body Composition:Primal Chap – 221.0lbs, 25.0% body fat

Her Royal Primalness – 140.8lbs, 30.0% body fat


Rest day after yesterday! Lots of aching muscles and joints!


  • Brunch: Ham, mushroom and cheese omlette.
  • Linner: Ate out at the Harvester primal style…. Him: Half spit-roast chicken and salad bar. Her: Quarter chicken and half rack of ribs and salad bar.
  • Extra: Some fresh strawberries and Greek yoghurt.

Today was a ‘feeder’ day, where our calorie intake was close to BMR instead of the usual reduced calories. Eating out and sticking to the primal diet was surprisingly easy, especially when some of our favorite foods are spit-roast chicken and ribs! The salad bar wasn’t quite the same without the croutons and bread roll to go with it and the chips were hard to resist, but we succeeded nonetheless!


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